Offshore Meteorology Observing Refresher

This course consists of two sections:

  1. The Offshore Observing Refresher module which is designed to cover the rules of observing and also how the observation is entered on the report form.
  2. The assessment, split into 2 parts, which tests your knowledge of the rules of observing and of entering observations on the report form.

When you have successfully completed both parts of the assessment you will be provided with your certificate. Please ensure the correct postal address is entered in your profile.

You can start and stop the refresher module whenever you wish and can exit and return to the course page if required, however once you start the assessment it has a time limit and can only be retaken once. Only your first 2 assessment attempts will be recorded by the system, if you fail the assessment twice you must retake the initial 2 day classroom course in Aberdeen.

Using OpenSite Forecasts

This online scenario-based module uses the OpenSite forecast service. The module will help you to better understand the forecasts and to make the best gritting decisions.

*Access to module will expire 90 days after enrolment.

*Please note that this module is not optimised to work in Chrome, we recommend you use either Firefox or Internet Explorer to complete the module.

IHE Winter services – a course for decision makers


General weather overview how weather affects the highway - road weather hazards - forecast prediction - understanding forecast information, levels of confidence 
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion the candidate will: 
  • demonstrate an ability to identify methods of weather forecasting relating to winter services
  • interpret forecast information
  • explain how these affect road conditions

Weather basics for winter service decision makers

This module introduces basic weather concepts in relation to road operations. You will gain an understanding of the importance of making informed decisions when considering the impact of weather on roads and car parks.

Guidance on WAFS Gridded Forecasts of Icing, Turbulence and Cumulonimbus

This short online module provides guidance on the use and interpretation of the WAFS Gridded Forecasts of Icing, Turbulence and Cumulonimbus clouds.

Responsible For Information - NEDS

The latest 'Responsible for Information' course is designed for anyone who handles information and needs to protect it, the course is part of the office's required compliance learning for all staff and as such should be considered mandatory for Non-Executive Directors.

If you are having problems logging in or believe you need access to this module please contact the Met Office College Online team: